Idea Blob: An Infectious Way to Fund Your Green Business

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If you’re like many ecopreneurists out there, you have a great idea or three cooking on the back burner right now, that could be a full fledged company, or perhaps a powerfully beneficial invention. And you think, with a little financial push and a lot of advice, it could really do something, becoming more then doodles on a napkin. Or perhaps you’re already up and running (like crazy) and some extra eyes, ears to help finesse what you’ve got going would be helpful. And $10,000 in extra money towards it would be a nice bonus.

Where can you find this? One example out there right now is Idea Blob. Idea Blob is the creation of Advanta, a bank that is exclusively focused on serving small businesses, and itself started with less then $100 seed money in 1951.
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How does it work? Simple, really, the entry is right on the front page: Just give a brief synopsis of your idea. Then tell how you’d make use of the $10,000. And if you like, there’s a space for questions you need advice on. Then, just sit back, and the viewing public votes on your ideas. They may answer your questions. Or perhaps they’ll share overall feedback.

If you’re Erin Ely, you also use a resource such as the new green hub Green For Good to get the word out about your submission, and encourage voting for it on Idea Blob. This strategy has helped Ely, who has an idea for a permanent indoor farmers market in Eugene, Oregon, to become one of the February finalists, the results of which are coming soon, as of this writing.

Ideas are from all over the spectrum, but there are plenty of green ones to be seen on Idea Blob. In an example of compactly and compellingly expressing an idea, one is titled, “Economically Reduce the Environmental Impact of Apartment Buildings.” It says what they aim to do, and starts out with the additional incentive of that it will be done in a money conscious manner. Perfect.

So what do they aim to do? Let me let them tell you, “I would envision micro-turbine wind-generation, on-site organic waste handling, methane production from organic waste and on-site hydrogen production from excess wind-generation to name a few.” They back it up with well thought out expense breakdowns, showing a compelling, feasible offering.

So that’s Idea Blob. What other creative resources for funding and nurturing new ideas and businesses do you know of out there?

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