Green Dreams: Starting a Green Graphic Design Business

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Starting a business takes a lot of time, effort, and planning. An entrepreneur has to wear many hats, juggle several tasks at a time, and be incredibly organized. So why would any business owner want to add protecting the environment and saving the planet to their already endless to-do lists? It’s all about the dream.

Which brings me to my dream. It combines two of my favorite things, graphic design and the environment. My goal is to start my own graphic and web design studio that focuses on projects that have a positive impact on people and the environment. This is why I wanted to become a designer in the first place. Good design has the power to communicate in ways that nothing else can. It can educate, open minds, inspire thought, and incite change. An image is truly worth a thousand words, and I want the graphics that I create to have real meaning and a positive message. It would be nice to make a living doing it, too.

I am about to embark on a journey towards my dream and make my business a reality. Like anyone who wants to start a green business, I’ve got a lot of research and planning to do. I will be learning not only how to start and run a business, but how to do it sustainably. And I invite you along on this adventure.

In coming weeks, I will write about my experiences in planning my design business from the ground up. Every step of the way, I will consider how to make the most eco-friendly choices. I hope to explore some green design firms that I admire and share what I learn from them. I’ll cover everything from writing a business plan to targeting like-minded clients. I may even write about the endless amount of paperwork that comes along with starting a business (and how to reduce the actual paper used during it). As I get my business off the ground and pursue that triple bottom line (planet, people, profit), I’ll share insight I glean from the experience. I hope to learn from readers’ responses and comments as well, so please share your tips and ideas.

All I have now is a dream and a handful of ideas about how to get there. I’m ready to tackle the obstacles that stand in my way. Henry David Thoreau said, “go confidently in the direction of your dreams.” I think I’ll do just that. I hope you’re along for the ride!

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