How to Green Your Business, Free

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This is not exactly advance notice, but tomorrow evening the Small Business Administration in San Francisco is offering a free workshop called “Running & Operating a ‘Green’ Business”. The reason I even bother noting such a last-minute event is that the SBA often repeats popular workshops, and it offers similar programs in different cities. You might want to check out the SBA schedule in your area.sba logo
The description of the event in San Francisco is certainly compelling for business owners who want to start or run a green business. “We will discuss strategies to propel you to greatness by helping you deal with issues like energy, water, waste and procurement.” What entrepreneur doesn’t aspire to greatness?

And speaking of great, are things that come free usually great? Although I do believe it is often true that you get what you pay for, it could be argued that you are paying a lot in taxes, so that might be an indication of the potential quality of a “how to green your business” workshop.

My personal perspective is that I get something out of almost every business event I go to — either through networking or directly from something a speaker says. Gaining one idea you didn’t have before or spending one hour focused on starting a green business or making your current business more sustainable might really be the first step toward greatness.

If you’ve been to an SBA workshop, particularly one on running a green business or sustainable business practices, please let us know your experience by commenting on this post.


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