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Earth Class Mail: An Eco Way to Manage Mail

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Ron Wiener is acutely aware of the challenges of receiving and responding to mail while on the go. A serial entrepreneur, Weiner often finds himself out of the office managing his growing business, Earth Class Mail.

Billed as, “The Ultimate P.O. Box”, Earth Class Mail delivers your mail online 24/7 wherever you are. Tired of opening up junk mail? Earth Class Mail will receive your mail for you, scan the envelopes and send them to you online. You decide which get forwarded, which gets shredded and which get recycled. Perfect for nomadic executives and small business owners, Earth Class Mail is also a greener way to manage mail.

Post offices are generally among the largest consumers of energy in their respective countries.

Various studies report that the average person recycles perhaps 20% of her mail, while Earth Class Mail customers recycle more than 90% of their mail, with a click of a mouse.

For every ton of paper we recycle, we reduce the marginal air pollution generated by new paper production by 74%, and water pollution by 35%.

Simply sign up online to have your mail forwarded to one of Earth Class Mail’s P.O. Boxes in 20 major US cities. Each piece of unopened mail is bar-coded scanned and uploaded to your secure online mailbox. With a click of a mouse, you decide whether to recycle unwanted mail; have the contents scanned for you to read online or have the mail forwarded to you or another individual.

Earth Class Mail uses disabled veterans with Department of Defense clearance to perform the opening and scanning functions and videotapes the service. You can even watch them open your mail!.

Currently active in over 120 countries, the three-year-old company has just raised their second round of funding and plans to open a storefront location in mid town Manhattan to be followed by locations in 18 other U.S. cities.

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