2008 Acterra Business Environmental Awards Applications Due January 25th

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First a disclaimer, this post is targeted toward entrepreneurs and employees of companies in Northern California–specifically people working in Alameda, Marin, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, or Santa Cruz Counties. The nonprofit organization Acterra is soliciting applications for its annual Business Environmental awards, which are open to businesses, government organizations, and in certain cases, nonprofit organizations.

If you know of similar awards for organizations outside of the San Francisco Bay Area, please let us know by commenting below.

Acterra Awards

Looking at past winners of the Acterra Business Environmental Award, it is clear that a wide range of organizations can win for a variety of projects. Organizations can submit programs for consideration in the following categories: pollution prevention/waste reduction, sustainability, commute/transportation, environmental enterprise, sustainably built environment, and environmental and sustainability education.

It does take some effort to both fill out the application and then take part in a three-month judging process, in which environmental and sustainability experts interview the applicants and verify each organization’s environmental claims. And there is an application fee of $50 to $250, depending upon the size of the applying organization.

Given that there isn’t a cash prize, organizations need to decide whether the outside validation and the bragging rights of winning outweigh the costs of going through the process. For many, though, I am sure the effort is worth it. As consumers become more and more inundated with green- and environmentally friendly-claims, companies will be looking for outside validation and recognition.

If you think that the Acterra Business Environmental Awards is for you (or for a friend of yours), get cracking. Applications are due January 25, 2008.


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