Green and China–Who would know that’s a good business opportunity?

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Here’s a creative business idea: pair U.S. and British television producers and an environmentalist with a Chinese documentarian and environmental activists and government official to come up with a television series for the Chinese market funded by U.S. investors.

U.S. production company, Landreth Associates, is working with the Chinese CCTV Economic Movie and Television Center and The International Cultural Exchange Audiovisual Publishing House (an agency of the Chinese Ministry of Culture), on what is to be a weekly documentary television show in China called “Seizing the Moment in China” beginning in the summer of 2008.

Ted Landreth once headed the international news department at CBS News, and other team members include Peter Pagnamenta, who once ran the BBC Current Affairs show as well as John Liu who has produced documentaries on the Chinese environment while living in China for sixteen years. The team feels that the Olympics in China offers a good focus for the Chinese population and the world to consider the extreme challenges China faces, as well as the little known conservation and restoration projects, which are underway.

To me, this production project is one of the most creative green-based businesses I have heard of in 2007. U.S. investors (and I suppose those from any other country) are being offered a share of the profits, based upon profits from sponsors whose messages are targeted to reach over one hundred million in the Chinese audience and many more abroad in an English version of the shows.

If you would like more information, you can contact Michael O’Reilly, a Los Angeles-based lawyer and consultant working for Landreth Associates via email: michael “at” oreilly “dot” net.


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