Less is More: A Truly Green Good is Packaged Green

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We all know that good things come in small packages, but small packages are good in their own right. Less filler, fewer layers of packaging for each product, smaller packages to increase the amount of any product can be shipped on one truck or ship are conservation best-practices.

But we consumers are used to slick packaging and cool bags, boxes and wrappers. Designers are now challenged to come up with high-concept packaging that doesn’t waste resources.

It’s like Project Runway for everyday products. And here are some of the pioneering entrants in the less-weight, recyclable, biodegradable packaging challenge.

Three Thieves Tetra

Three Thieves sells their Bandit wine in TetraPaks.

It’s different. It’s recyclable. Although a TetraPak not so unique, given that soymilk is packaged similarly, Three Thieves is definitely going against the grain in the wine industry.

Another wine company so believes in the power of its packaging that it devotes a significant part of its website to its TetraPak packaging, diving into the various layers in the package to describe how it is made and why they like it.

Check out French Rabbit’s packaging.

Nau package

And then there is the opposite approach—don’t even try to dazzle us with the packaging.

Nau, which is definitely on the higher end of high-concept design for eco-friendly clothing, ships their fancy duds in the most basic of bags. No boxes, no fake popcorn, no shredded cardboard. And no frills. I like it.


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